Welcome to Underworld Engine

Three young thieves are forced to flee the isolated city they call home. After escaping on the famed steam train, the Underworld Engine, they find themselves tumbling into a very bloody predicament.

A gruesome tale unfolds in this strange dreamlike fantasy world. Featuring false perceptions, monsters, a marvelous train, so much blood, and fools in love.

Genres: Fantasy Adventure / Mild Horror / LGBT+

Age Rating: 16+

Warnings: mild blood and gore, self-harm, body horror, sometimes butts.

Updates: 1-2 pages a week


creator of Underworld Engine

I’m a queer artist who’s passionate about telling compelling, emotional stories with diverse casts. Underworld Engine is a story that has been with me in various forms for several years, but this webcomic iteration began publication in October 2017 on Tapas, a large webcomic platform. It is an ambitious longform, slow burn, character driven comic set in a bloody fantasy world. You’ll see a lot of experimentation as I learn my way around webcomics. I hope to bring many more stories to life with the knowledge I gain from working on Underworld Engine. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride with me!