Amaia finds Faon, dripping with blood and shell-shocked, alone in an abandoned building. He seems to be lost in thought, remembering the words of someone important.

Chapter 1: Spill

Amaia, Zima, and Faon follow through with Faon’s plan to rob the notorious steam train, the Underworld Engine. They manage to snag three boxes of goods and bring them to their makeshift family in the back of a knick knack shop.

Inside the first box is expensive silk. Inside the second box is months worth of food. The third box is packed full of small vials of blood. Their father-figure, Alek, demands that the box be removed from the house.

Unfortunately for them, the box held more than blood. Inside, adhered to the wall of the box, a small flashing tracker brought men in suits to their door. The three young thieves fled in order to lure the suits away from the family and dispose of the unlucky blood-box.

Chapter 2: Doorway

Deep in the woods outside the city, a child witnesses a friend’s death at the claws of a terrifying creature. He is rescued by an equally frightful entity, one of smoke and darkness, who possesses the body of his dead friend in order to bait the monster while he escapes.

Meanwhile, Zima, Amaia, and Faon are fleeing from the men in suits. In an attempt to catch up to the departed Underworld Engine, they end up running into the woods. The apparent leader of their pursuers surprises them by pulling a gun, and firing a bullet that kills young, sweet Amaia. Her body falls between her companions, and they pause for one devastated moment before continuing their escape. Somehow, they manage to catch the train, and are greeted by the sinister grin of the conductor, who seems well aware of their misdeeds against him.

Amaia’s body lies alone and cold on the forest floor, until the smoke-like creature from before spots her, and makes her corpse their new host.

Chapter 3: Riptide

Zima and Faon meet the mysterious Conductor Nero, owner of the Underworld Engine, and learn that the blood in the vials comes from beings known as Enja, who are renowned for their rapid cellular regeneration, which can be temporarily inhereted by those who consume their flesh or blood.

Meanwhile, a young ruler known as Heir Sapling is disrupted in their palace by a mysterious hooded figure, who calls himself “Havosset.”