Good morning, passengers! I come bearing some news.

I’ve decided that this website will no longer update a week ahead of the other mirrors. INSTEAD, I will be trying to maintain a 2 page per week update schedule across all platforms, which means my output will be essentially double what it’s been previously.

It gets a bit disorienting updating different pages for different platforms, and because Patrons need to be an additional week or two ahead, it means I always have to have quite a large buffer at all times, which is hard to maintain when I’m trying to post 2 pages every week. In the name of honestly, I will also admit that I’ve been struggling to draw at all lately, because of some personal issues.

I hope this isn’t terribly upsetting news. You may not be ahead of other readers (unless you’re a Patron), but at least everyone will be getting more pages! :’D

Unfortunately, this does mean there won’t be any new pages here today. Next week, you’ll get two!!

– feardeer